Recycled newspaper and cardboard paper cat litter

Recycled newspaper and cardboard paper cat litter

Cat Litter: No more lingering pet smell; Fresh News Recycled Paper Litter has super absorbent strength, almost three times more than clay; Our soft and dust free pellets retain their form when wet

Odor Control: Keep your pet’s habitat fresh and smell free! The moisture-locking pellets with baking soda and outstanding odor control work together to help neutralize habitat and litter pan odors

100% Recycled paper: Made with 100% post consumer paper from recycling centers, it is safe for all animals

Non Allergenic: Spend more time with your pet without worrying about cleaning its cage; Fresh News products are over 99% dust free and 100% non allergenic, giving you a cleaner litter box and home

Healthy Environment: Fresh News promises to provide a non toxic and hygienic space for you and your pet;

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Recycled Paper Cat Litter is eco-friendly cat litter, which is made of recycled newspaper and cardboard.
it is environmental friendly, light weight, 99% dust free , non-toxic, less track, biodegradable and toilet friendly.Recycled paper cat litter can quickly absorb the pet urine and odor, which make the room clean.It can be flushed into toilet after use and it will not block it.The manufacturing process of paper cat litter is without any chemical materials and no environmental pollution.


1.Recycle and Eco-friendly.
Environmentally friendly paper cat litter is mainly made of wood pulp paper, without any additives.In the production process, there is no environmental pollution. By using the domestic advanced microwave drying production line for high temperature sterilization, the products are free from any harm and unsanitary factors to people and pets.
2.High absorption,Low density.
It is a kind of unclumping cat litter.The big granule can absorb the urine quickly and break into small pieces. It is suitable for cleaning dog, cat and other pet excrement.Compared with traditional cat litter,Its density is much lower,one bag of paper cat litter can last for 1 month.
3.Easy to dispose.
The paper cat litter is easy to clean after absorbing water. It can be directly poured into the toilet after use to eliminate the unpleasant odors at home, so that bacteria have no chance to multiply, and it can be dissolved into water when pour it into the toilet, and without clogging. 4. Dust-free,No tracking.
There is no dust even if the cat stamp on it.Low tracking, soft pellets retain their form, helping to reduce pellets from sticking to your cat or kittens paws and tracking around your home

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Appearance: big granule in column shape.
Scents:Natural newspaper or cardboard scent.
Particle size:Length:5-20MM, Diameter:4-5MM
Water content:≦10%
Bulk density:300-350g/L
Dust:Little dust.
Water absorption rate:≥200%

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It can make different type packages type, Plastic bag, Woven bag. 5L, 6L, 7L, 8L, 10L, 2.5kg, 3kg, 4kg, 10kg.
OEM is ok according to your private label design.

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We have done BSCI, CTI, ISO certificate which reveal our good quality. 



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