biodegradable wood and natural pine wood made pine cat litter

biodegradable wood and natural pine wood made pine cat litter

Chemical Free And Safe For Your Cat; 100 Percent Natural

Designed for multiple cat homes

No Dust And No Tracking

Age range description: All Ages

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Pine cat litter is made from all natural pine sawdust by high pressure and high temperature sterilization process. It’s without any additive, chemicals, no-toxin, no harm to the pet even eaten. Pine cat litter is highly absorbent, biodegradable and recyclable, it could be flushed directly or into your garden as the natural fertilizer.Its natural pine scent can eliminate the unpleasant orders and keep the air fresh.


1.Odor control.
Pine cat litter is good at eliminating odors and against bacteria.Its natural flavor can cover the unpleasant odors and make your house fresh.
2.High absorption.
It is a kind of unclumping cat litter.The big granule can absorb the urine quickly and break into small pieces.Highly Absorbent, binds directly to ammonia odors and locks them away.
3.Natural,no additive.
It is made from natural pine.No harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes.
4. Dust-free,No tracking.
The granule are produced under high pressure.There is no dust even if the cat stamp on it,it can ensure the cat's respiratory health.It also keep your floor clean, no tracking,no extra work to clean the floor.
5.Gentle on cat’s paw.
Sawdust shavings are gentle on kitty's paws and give the kitty a good experience.

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Appearance:a big granule in column shape.
Scents:Natural pine scent.
Particle size:Length:10-30MM, Diameter:6MM
Water content:≦12%
Bulk density:550-600g/L
Dust:Little dust.
Water absorption rate:≥220%


How to use?

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We have done BSCI, CTI, ISO certificate which reveal our good quality. 



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