Our Family

Enqi, 8 years old, Male

Enqi is the cat Penny adopted and is our brand spokescat. Becasue of him, Penny decide to build the company to do more for pets. He is a nice cat which looks little like mouse.

Qihang,7 years old, Male

Qihang is the second cat that Penny adopted. He is a cute blue cat. And he is a good partner with Enqi. They grow up together with much fun.

Fuzai(lucky boy)

Fuzai(lucky boy),2 years old, Male

Fuzai is a stary cat which has been adopted by Nico. We found him at the parking lot when he just borned. He is very naughty and likes to play with us.

Gray, 2 years old, Male

Gray is a little cat that we raised in our company at frist. He has some problem with his ear and we treated him well. Then Richel took him to her hoom. He is a very obedient boy. We all love him. Now he has became one member of Richel’s family.


Huluobo(carrot), 2 and half years old, Male

Huluobo is a beautiful cat with dark grey and white fur. He is the baby cat for our deisgner Wang. He has a cute name Huluobo which means carrot.