Which cat litter is the best?

When we first bring the cat home, everything else can be prepared later, but the litter and litter box must be prepared in advance. Choosing what kind of cat litter is a compulsory course for every pet owner.  If you google cat litter, you’ll find common questions about what kind of litter is best, which litter has the least odor and lasts the longest… Affordable, deodorizing is the number one concern for many pet owners Strong capacity, less dust, particles large enough to prevent tracking away from the case, not easy to cake and easy to clean. However, this is demanding for a litter of pups. If we change litter boxes frequently, just hoping to find one that fits all our requirements, our cats may feel uncomfortable and even refuse to use the litter box.  So if you’re wondering “which cat litter is best?” it’s more like choosing between different types of litter and finding the right one for your cat.

Tofu cat litter, one of the most popular plant cat litter in the world, is made of pea fiber, corn starch, etc. We can rest easy knowing that our cat won’t be hurt in any way due to its natural ingredients and low dust. The particles are large enough to fall off our cat’s paws within a few steps so the tracking stops pretty close to the entrance of the box. The clumping and water absorption ability of tofu cat litter are usually somewhere between silica and bentonite cat litter. So is its price. Its moderate hardness prevents the granules from shifting and breaking during transit, keeping the level of dust very low. There is no dust plume when we pour it from the bag into the boxes. And again there is no dust kicked up when we are scooping. Tofu cat litter may be less popular with cats compared with mineral cat litter because cats by nature prefer litter that is similar to soil and smells light. But of course, cats won’t be too resistant to litter with a faint smell of raw materials. Many pet owners choose tofu cat litter because it is surprisingly good in odor control of urine and feces. It is also easy to dispose of by flushed in a toilet in small quantities at a time or used as fertilizer. But tofu cat litter sometimes does not form very hard clumps and may break into pieces when scooping and shaking the dry litter back into the box.


Bentonite cat litter is made of bentonite clay, is a popular and affordable choice worldwide. It clumps fast and works excellent in water absorption and agglomeration, with an average odor-control ability. Bentonite is generally budget-friendly, not easy to mildew and suitable for long-term storage, making It a preference for many professional catteries and breeders. It gives cats a comfortable clawing experience and satisfies their nature to hide their waste. As long as we scoop clumps out of the box every day, the urine ammonia smell does not travel far from the box. However, any clumps that sit for more than 24 hours will start to smell strongly of ammonia when you stand close to the box and after a few more hours the smell of ammonia is detectable from far away. So regular scooping is important here. But bentonite cat litter really produces heavy clumps, which have to be sent to the landfill as it is non-biodegradable and insoluble in water. But for sensitive cats, bentonite cat litter can cause a range of respiratory and urinary problems because of its dust issues. To keep indoors clean, bentonite is not a good choice either due to its serious tracking and scatter. The particles are so small that it often gets stuck in cat’s paws.


silica gel cat litter, which is a typical non-clumping cat litter made of sodium silicate. The ingredients make it well absorbent and odor-trapping, keeping the litter box dry and fresh. crystal cat litter with an irregular shape, which is popular in North American and European countries,and the sale is very good.But due to few factory to make this cat litter, so it is price is in a higher level.

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Post time: Mar-01-2023