How to choose the different kinds of cat litter in market?

Pick Right One cat litter

Choosing cat litter is as important as the choice of quality food, shelter, scratching toys. Be good to give each decision proper thought. Deciding on which litter would best suit them is a daunting question that tops every cat parent’s “important decision” list. Also, true for cat parents who are searching for best cat litter since their cats do not like their present litter. Well, worry not, as this guide will help you determine how to choose a cat litter for your beloved feline friend.

Types of Litter

When it comes to picking the right cat litter, you have several options. They are mainly categorized mainly based on their clumsiness, scent, and material type. Before you can truly determine what type of litter it is for your cat, good to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the types of litter.

Clumping Vs. Non-Clumping

This is the most popular categorization of cat litters. Clumping litter usually absorbs urine quite well. Hence, a solid lump is created that you can scoop out easily. The rest of the litter is unaffected. A major disadvantage is this litter sticks to the cat’s paws and spread throughout the house. On the other hand, the Non-Clumping litter absorbs urine less slowly than its counterpart. Only remove feces from this kind of litter, urine settles all over the litter. It is, therefore, necessary to change the litter more frequently, ideally every week.


Scented Vs. Unscented

Most cat parents prefer scented litter, as it has a pleasant smell to it. Although it is common to choose scented litter, at times, your cat might be sensitive to the smell, and hence you don’t have any option but to switch to an unscented litter.

An unscented litter contains no fragrance, which means that it only produces the smell of the materials used in its production. In case your cat is sensitive to added fragrances, this type of litter can be quite helpful.


Material Type

Cat litter was traditionally made from clay, however, now there are several different types of litter available, some of which are given below.

  • bentonite cat litter: It is one of the most popular and widely used litter types. Most of the pet supply stores have clay litters on their shelves as it is in high demand. You can easily clean clay litter, and it lasts longer than other types.
  • Silica Crystal: Silica Crystal litters are a new kind of litter material that absorbs moisture and locks odor very quickly. They are made from synthetic materials and can be scooped easily.
  • Eco-Friendly: If you want an environment-friendly option, you can use this kind of litter that is available in the market. It includes recycled materials such as paper, wood, and natural materials such as corn, wheat, etc.

So you can choose the cat litter based on above different kinds and find the best one for yur cat.


Post time: Feb-22-2023