Best 12 Cat Litters 2022

As a cat excrement shovel officer, the biggest headache is to encounter bad cat litter. So what are the characteristics of the best cat litter? Environment friendly, odorless, dust-free, the best water absorption, easy to bond into a block, easy to degrade and so on. To give cats a safe and comfortable environment, easy to handle their excrement is our biggest wish. Here are the latest 12 best cat litter recommended in 2022 for your reference.

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1.Best Seller Natural Tofu cat litter
Tofu cat litter is one kind of brand new cat litter, which made from beancurd residue as main material and with many good qualities, such as hard and quick clumping, dust free, highly absorption, biodegradable and so on.

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2.Odor Control Actived Carbon Tofu Cat Litter with popular
Activated Carbon Tofu cat litter in dark grey has great function with super absorption, removing stink, eliminating strange odor avoiding worm etc.
It is made from feed-grade beancurd residue as main material, mixed with edible starch adhesive, calcium carbonate and deodorant, after semi-ripening, then granulated, through sifting, further drying, finally vacuuming into columnar shape cat litter, less track on the floor.

3.Biodegradable Broken Tofu Cat Litter with Highly Absorption
Biodegradable broken Tofu cat litter, a new product, receives well welcome recent years in UK.It made from natural materials, no dust and no harm for pets.100% narural, harmless if pet swallowed.Super clumping, faster and harder.A kind of newest eco-friendly cat litter nowadays.

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4. Brand New Ball Shape Snow Pea Cat Litter
The Snow pea cat litter made from peameal as main material, the unique appearance makes it popular among our customers, especially in Austrilia.It is clean flavor for good deodorization, no-toxin, no dust, quick absorption, scoop out clumps and flush into toilet or garden as fertilize, bilodegradabel, no work to dispose garbage.

5. Best Seller Natural Ball type Bentonite Cat Litter
Ball type Bentonite cat litter is one kind of environmental and natural cat litter, it is economic cat litter choose with high quality. It is super and quick clumping, hard clumping, 99.9% dust free, easy scoop out. It can add different flavors, such as Lemon flavor, Levendor flavor, Apple flavor, Strawberry flavor,and other flavors as buyer require.

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6.Broken Bentonite cat litter with irregular shape
Broken Bentonite cat litter is a new bentonite cat litter, it is irregular shape,this shape have better water absorption than ball type, so it is better clumping and odor control. It can add different flavors, such as Lemon flavor, Levendor flavor, Apple flavor, Strawberry flavor,and other flavors as buyer require.

7.Activated carbon Bentonite cat litter
Activated carbon Bentonite cat litter is high level cat litter, it is added activated carbon, thus it is with better ordor control than common cat litter.It absorbs urine or the moisture in feces, encasing the waste in a hard lump. The lumps can be quickly removed,Wild scent leaves you a happy cat with a sanitary dry litter box, and helps keep your home smelling fresh.
Outstanding cat urine odor control and remover! Excellent clumping ability
100% natural high quality Bentonite cat litter Eco-Friendly!
99% dust free cat Toliet No more tracking,No more dust clouds.

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8.Pine wood cat litter
Pine wood cat litter is natural and biodegradable cat litter. Pine cat litter is made of pine as raw material, with a small amount of natural binder. Because the particle size of pine cat litter is relatively large, it can be used more economically, saving two-thirds than traditional cat litter. Pine cat sand particles have great friction and are not easy to roll. This kind of cat litter is more stable, so that the cat will not feel trapped. Therefore, I think that pine cat litter is suitable for cats, such as meow like pine cat litter.

9.Silica gel cat litter
Silica Gel Cat Litter is one kind of latest and ideal cleanser for pet and possesses incomparable characteristics in contrast with the traditional clay. It is in the form of white granules with light weight and low crushing rate and can restrain growth of bacteria. Its main component is silicon dioxide which has no toxin and no pollution. It has excellent performance on odour absorption.

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10.Micro clumping Silica gel cat litter
0.5-2mm clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter. The particle is much smaller than normal silica. It can clumps after used which is easily to be taken away.

Post time: Apr-29-2022