Q1: Is Greenpet cat litter safe for cats?

Yes. Greenpet cat litter is safe for cats, because the material is natural.

Q2: Can I do OEM?

Yes, OEM is workable. We can produce as your package design.

Also our designer can design package for you.

Q3: What’s your Sample policy?

Free sample, freight collect payment.

Q4: What’s your Payment terms?

Bulk order, 30% T/T prepayment, 70%T/T balance paid against B/L copy.

Q5: How about your Deliver time?

If make private label bag, about 3-4 weeks for first order, after second order, about 10-20 days after prepayment receipt, it’s subject to production schedule.

Q6: Package for cat litter bag?

Private label bags is workable, buyer can design bag, or Greenpet design for buyer.

Q7: How about the tracking situation about cat litter.

Our cat litter is less tracking cat litter type, our customers like to use it for their cats.

Q8: How do you think about the different of Tofu cat litter, Bentonite cat litter, Silica cat litter.

Tofu cat litter is Eco-friendly cat litter type, it’s flushable and less tracking.

Bentonite is traditional and economical cat litter type.

Silica cat litter is the best odor control cat litter, also the water absorption is good.

Q9: What’s the flavor do you have for Tofu cat litter?

Lavender flavor, Lemon flavor, apple flavor, green tea flavor, Strawberry flavor, Rose flavor, Baby powder flavor, or as your like to make it, or personal private fragrance.

Q10: What’s the shelf time for Tofu cat litter?

Usually it can keep 1 year to 2 year if store in cool, dry and ventilated places.

Q11: Can you make private label bag or package?

Yes, we can design private label package for you, or you sent us your designed files with AI or PSD format.

Q12: What’s your minimum order quantity for Tofu cat litter?

Usually it’s one 20’fcl container or 40’fcl container, if you make several tons for the first trial order, it also is workable for us.

Q13: What’s the package type do you have?

Plastic printing bag, paper bag, Woven bag, Jumbo bag, Pallets.

Q14: What’s the popular package for Tofu cat litter?

5L/bag, 6L/bag, 7L/bag, 10L/bag, 20kg/woven bag, or as your requirement or like.

Q15: How do you think about cat eat Tofu cat litter?

If your cat eat Tofu cat litter, don’t worry, because our tofu cat litter material is natural, there’s no harm for cats.

Q16: What’s the perfect cat litter for me?

If you prefer a cat litter which is cost-effective, bentonite cat litter is a good option.

If you have a high requirement on cat litter odor control, we recommend Silica gel cat litter.

Tofu cat litter is a new eco-friendly cat litter, everyone like to use it for cats.

Q17: What is the most popular product?

Our most popular cat litter is the Tofu cat litter, which comes in a wide range of scent.

How ever if you find that your cat is leaving the tray a litter smelly, then we would recommend our Silica gel cat litter

Q18: Are the cats put off by the scents?

No, our fragrances are 100% natural mainly being sourced from flowers. They are fairly subtle and only there to mask the smell of the business in the tray.

Q19: Is your cat litter suitable for kittens and which cat litter is the best for them?

All of our litters are suitable for kittens. Our Clumping Micro Silica gel cat litter and Non-Clumping Silica cat litter are perfect for kittens as they have a smaller granule size(0.5-2mm). Making it the ideal product for their sensitive paws!

Q20: Do you offer free samples?

Yes , sample is free, but delivery charge on your side. If the shipping express is too high, we may share with you. Or you can pay by your side and it will be return once you place the order.

Q21: What means of transaction do you accept?

Normally we accept FOB. Your preferred means of transaction are also considered.

Q22: How do I get your quotation?

Your detailed requirements regarding the product’s name, dimensions, package specifications and your order quantity are highly appreciated if you want a quotation that meet your needs perfectly.

Q23: Do you offer matching products with your containers?

Yes, we do. We provide matching pet products if you are interested in, such as puppy training pads, pet toys,etc.

Q23: I have a specific question about our product

If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, please email admin@greenpetcare.com.cn.

Q24: What is the most popular cat litter in EU and US.

Silica gel cat litter is the best seller. But tofu cat litter is becoming more and more popular.

Q25: What is the most popular cat litter in Southeast Asia.

Bentonite cat litter is the best seller, tofu cat litter and pine cat litter also have a good sale.

Q26: Do you have different kinds of bentonite cat litter?

Yes, we have different grades for your selection.

Q27: We need a good tofu cat litter with a very low price.Can you produce it for me?

Yes,we have different grades of tofu cat litter for your selection. Quality ensured.

Q28: Can you advise some famous brands you worked with?

Yes, but we can’t reveal some customer’s information who signed confidentiality agreement with us.

Q29: I am individual buyer, can i buy the cat litter from you?

Yes, but the order quantity need reach to the MOQ.

Q30: I found a very interesting cat litter in our market, can you help me to develop it?

Yes, our strength is innovation,we are always trying to develop the new products for our customer.

Q31: It is my first time to start the project of cat litter, can you give me some guideline?

Yes,we can recommend the suitable product to be in line with your market.

Q32: I am a fresh company, can you give me some support to start the project?

Of course, our company have some favorable policy to help you to develop our products in your market.

Q33: When we start the cooperation,can you me some favorable policy?

Yes, we can give you some discount based on your annual order quantity.

Q34: What the ingredients of your bentonite cat litter?

The litter contains bentonite clay. Some products  contain activated carbon or fragrance.

Q35: What is your MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

One 20 feet container is general.

Q36: How about the leading time?

It usually takes about  2 weeks to finish your private bag production, then we need one week to finish the cargo production,but sometime it may be faster.

Q37: What's your Popular package size?

37. A: 5L (4KGS)/Plastic bag, 10L(8KGS)/Plastic bag. 5KGS/10KGS/20KGS with Woven Bag. Your special requirements are accepted.

Q38: Do you offer matching products with your containers?

A: Yes. We provide matching pet products if you are interested in, such as scratching board, cat litter tray,etc.

Q39: What are the information you need to know if I want to have a complete quotation?

Pricing depends on the cat litter material, quantity and packing method. After we know these information, we will quote a best price for you.

Q40: Can you help us to choose the most suitable bags for our products?

37. Yes, we have a cooperative packaging bag factory, providing high quality cat litter bags.

Q41: How does your factory do the quality control?

We have QC on each stage of mass production, from raw materials until final product packaging.

Q42: What's the minimum order quantity for bags?

Usually a minimum order of 5000 pieces

Q43: What if I have a smaller MOQ than normal?

Let us know and we will try to accommodate the quantity which you are comfortable with. As a long-term OEM/ODM partner, we understand that businesses need to start off with the least possible risk.

Q44: Can your company do drop shipping?

No, we are factory, we don’t do drop shipping.

Q45: Does your company have warehouse outside of China?

No, we don’t have.

Q46: Can we visit your factory?

Yes, we are welcome for you to visit our factory. While as the Covid 19, we can send you some factory video first.

Q47: Which types of cat litter is environmental friendly?

Plant cat litter like tofu cat litter, corn cat litter, paper cat litter and wood cat litter.

Q48: Which cat litter can be clumping? Can it flushed to toilet?

Tofu cat litter and corn cat litter. Yes, they can be flushed to toilet.

Bentonite cat litter is clumping cat litter, but can’t be flushed into toilet.

Q49: How does your quality control system?

We have done ISO certificate and our quality department strictly control products quality during produce and before and after packing.

Q50: Can you give us some discount?

Yes, we can give some discount if your quantities is big.

Q51: Is Covid 19 effect your production?

Currently our factories are operated well, not effected by Covid 19.

Q52: What’s your compensation system?

Usually our products have high level quality for customers during more than 12 years exporting orders.

If our products quality is under standard, we will replace the unqualified goods for free.

Q53: Does your company have some plan for pet show?

As COVID 19, we don’t have pet show plan. If the situation changes, we will definitely intend.