About us
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Our Origin

Greenpet history is origined from a CAT named " GREEN", here is the thing :
One day in 2009, a baby cat hurt its right leg, it's weak and alone at stairs. Luckily, it met a nice lady , who became one founder of Greenpet business- Ms. Pan just came back and found the cat hurt and lonely. She spoke to the cat and opened her house door,  "Hi, baby cat, come with me ! " The cat meowed meowed and followed into Ms. Pan's home.
Ms. Pan disinfected and bandaged to the cat leg. From that day, she became a member of Ms. Pan and was given the name - GREEN.
To take good care of GREEN, Ms. Pan began to learn pet knowledge and study pet product. All her family love GREEN as their family.  In Aug. 2009, Ms. Pan and Mr. Tony founded a pet company and they took GREEN CAT as Company name ... this is what we started from ...

Professional Cat Litter Manufacturer

GREEN PET CARE CO,. LTD. is a professional cat litter manufacturer and export company. We supply various types of cat litter. Including bentonite cat litter, silica cat litter, tofu cat litter, corn cat litter, pine and paper cat litter.
Our cat litter enjoy good market in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, receive warm welcome and good praise among our customers.

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Our Team

We participate famous pet show every year to get close to our customers. With rich experience in products and good service concept, our team always do our best to meet our customers’ requirements and reach the long-term business relationship goal.
Not only produce your cat litter, we also have foreign trade team to do one-stop service for you including book the ship space and do paper work.
Green pet team are dedicated to professional, fast and thoughtful service. To support your business grow.